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With the album cycle for "Memory Box" behind him, Lee is currently finishing writing his third full length album. Yet to be named, it still takes off a bit where Memory Box left off: 

"It's not a heart-break album necessarily, but it will deal with different kinds of pain. Loss, grief, change, fear, etc."

"I kind of went back to writing heavier music sooner than expected, but not like it was before. This album is gonna have a wide variety of influences, all while being one cohesive piece of music. All together it's something that hasn't been done yet."

While he started learning to play the guitar at the age of eight, his range of instruments has vastly expanded with pedal steel being added to that list in 2017.

"I'm not sure exactly how much pedal steel will be on the record, but you'll know it when you hear it!"

When it comes to describing young Lee Chavez. I must use a word I usually save to describe myself.  BADASS! 

This young man is destine to be a guitar hero. His abilities far extend what you would think his year’s would allow. His playing hard to define. As his influences are mass. His open minded styling, lending him to many different sounds. As well as genre jumping. Keep your eye on this kid or should I say. Keep your ear on him. You’re sure to hear from him in the near future. 

I’m BIGDADRITCH of Texas Hippie Coalition & I approve this message. ” – Big Dad Ritch, Texas Hippie Coalition


The Alpha Team’s Story (EP) – July 12th 2011

From Me to You (Single) – March 9th 2012

Goodnight, Goodmorning (Single) – February 18th 2013

The Labyrinth of Suffering (Album) – December 17th 2013

Death Riders (EP) – May 27th 2014 – (The Deluxe Edition has since sold out as of 7/29/14.)

Thank You For Everything (EP) – March 17th 2015

Memory Box (Album) - November 4th, 2016

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Past Shows

A brief list:

  • The Bone – Deep Ellum, TX
  • The Door – Deep Ellum, TX
  • Sugar Creek Art Center – Thorntown, IN
  • Live at Phil’s – Arlington, TX
  • Double D Ranch – Balch Springs, TX
  • The Roxy Art’s Fest, Pioneer Oaks Shopping Center – Balch Springs, TX
  • The Stage on Sixth – Austin, TX
  • Juniors Bar and Grill – Round Rock, TX
  • Silo Elevated Cuisine – San Antonio, TX
  • The Chuggin’ Monkey – Austin, TX
  • The Brass Tap – Round Rock, TX
  • Red Eyed Fly – Austin, TX
  • Headhunters – Austin, TX
  • The Broken Spoke – Austin, TX
  • The Dirty Dog Bar – Austin, TX
  • Poor David's Pub - Dallas, TX
  • Voodoo Doughnuts - Austin, TX


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